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Give Us Wings partners with communities in Africa to alleviate the suffering of poverty, build better lives and create sustainable futures.

Give Us Wings works together with adults and children in Kenya and Uganda to eradicate poverty. Through person-to-person support that's financial, educational, and medical, people overcome poverty and become self-sufficient.

In 1998, Mary Steiner and daughter Shawn traveled to the eastern part of Africa as part of a volunteer organization. They were confronted daily with poverty of an unbelievable magnitude—the unemployment rate soars as high as 85% in some areas, the water supply is contaminated, AIDS and other diseases are spreading, and families are struggling just to stay alive. The magnitude of the poverty that confronted them daily quickly challenged Mary and Shawn to do more.

What makes us different?

Volunteers: We depend on the work of volunteers to support our efficient small staff, maximizing the dollars going directly to project support.

Self-sufficiency: Give Us Wings' approach is one that builds people and their capacity to be self–sufficient rather than building dependency.

Person-to-Person: When Give Us Wings travels to Kenya and Uganda, we meet the people not the statistics. We work person-to-person, and our funding follows that model.

Trust at the grassroots level: We ask the hardworking people in Kenya and Uganda what will work for them. They know what they need. This approach allows them to take responsibility and ownership over the decisions they've made.

Long term support: Give Us Wings stays with groups and individuals as they develop the skills needed for long-term success. Ours is not a one-size or one-solution fits all approach, but allows for local communities to personalize their approach.

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