Help us continue to provide inclusion services for individuals with special needs

The Sabes JCC acknowledges and respect peoples’ differences and treats all people with the dignity that comes with the belief that everyone is created in the image of God. We recognize that differences play an integral role in individual identity formation and that everyone brings unique and special qualities to the make-up of our community. We regard inclusion as a means for instilling in our community a sense of tolerance and understanding as well as for serving the needs and helping to foster the strengths of people with special needs.

The JCC is dedicated to providing continued support for the inclusion of children and adults with special needs into all of our camp programs, our Early Childhood Center, our Habonim and School’s Out programs, as well as our recreational, cultural , educational, and volunteer programs. The Inclusion Director works with each participant to provide the supports necessary for a successful experience. The Advocacy costs required to staff these programs are currently provided by donations. These donations helped to fund: Advocates for thirty-nine children with special needs at Camp in 2010 and Job coaches for thirteen adults with disabilities who volunteer in a weekly vocational program. These are just two examples of programs that require appropriate staffing to make our programs inclusive. As the needs in our community grow and our ability to include and integrate people with disabilities into our programs expands, we must provide the supports that enable all to have a successful and memorable experience as part of a community and within the JCC.

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