Together let's raise $25,000 to help Girl Scouts reach their full leadership potential!

With your gift of $70 you can bring girls one step closer to gaining confidence as leaders!

The journey of Girl Scout leadership is unique for every girl. Some girls attend a ConnectZ troop meeting and find incredible, unexpected leadership within. Others, like Molly, see a community need and take responsibility to address it.

Molly saw a need and created a movement.

Molly was one of many high school students feeling the sting of loss. In a short period of time four students in three high schools had committed suicide.

She knew that depression and suicidal thoughts can affect anyone. The topic was difficult, filled with pain and insecurities. But Molly was brave, and she saw an opportunity to raise awareness, save lives and make a difference. There is strength in community, so Molly brought the community together.

She partnered with The Suicide Prevention Collaborative and created an event, “Together It Gets Better.” Molly assembled a panel of teens to have an honest, open talk. More than 300 people were affected by the conversation that evening. Some then decided to continue promoting prevention and participated in a 5K fundraising event.

Molly earned her Gold Award for her suicide prevention efforts. Lives were affected and possibly changed because Molly acted as a true leader.

“I have a lot of self-confidence. I’m a pretty confident person, but it definitely changed me as a leader and made me a better leader.” Molly, on achieving her Gold Award

You can give a priceless experience to a girl like Molly by giving today!

  • It takes $416 to support each River Valleys’ Girl Scout in their leadership journey.
  • By giving just $70 you can help girls like Molly gain confidence as leaders.
  • Every dollar will be matched up to $25,000!!!
  • With your gift we can we reach our goal!

“Girl Scouting has helped me discover my voice and given me the confidence to stand up for my beliefs.” Britta, 18, 11th year in Girl Scouts/Ambassador Girl Scout

“I think the Girl Scout leaders offer a solid foundation of being a better person in today's society and giving girls confidence in their own abilities. It's a positive force and kids need all the help they can get to manage the world today!” - Parent of 5th grade Girl Scout

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