HELP! Ali Jarvis & Deb Balzer will be kenneled at MACC on Sat. 9/29 for DOG knows how long if they don't raise $1,000 for the animals.

Dear friends,

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control (MACC) will care for over 4,300 animals this year. Among other things, MACC:

  • offers free veterinary care for stray animals
  • finds adoptive homes for pets
  • offers no-cost kenneling for victims of domestic abuse
  • investigates animal cruelty cases

We here at Sidewalk Dog are trying to raise $1,000 for spay/neuter surgeries, and if we don't reach our goal, we're going to be kenneled (that's right, people—kenneled!) on Sat., 9/29 for DOG knows how long.

Please help if you can!

Warm wags,

Ali Jarvis & Deb Balzer

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