Saint Paul College Education for Employment ... Education for Life!

Ranked #1 community college in the nation by Washington Montly magazine in 2010 and in 2013.

At Saint Paul College, our students juggle school, work and family responsibilities.

Students have lived in Saint Paul their whole lives, or have recently come to the United States from war-torn regions around the world.

Students are in programs that will prepare them to embark on their careers when they graduate --- or they are taking their first two years of general college credots so they can transfer to a four year college or university.

Students are active in Student Senate, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Skills USA. They work on campus as student representatives and tutors. You can find Saint Paul students volunteering at local elementary schools. Wherever you go in Saint Paul, Minnesota, you are sure to find someone who went to Saint Paul College.

By donating to Saint Paul College, you are donating to the future of our community!

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