Friends for a NonViolent World (FNVW) is committed to promoting nonviolent living & action in our personal lives, our community & our world.

FNVW is a Quaker-inspired organization of people who affirm the dignity inherent in each human being. We share a commitment to advancing nonviolence as an ethic for honoring human dignity and a strategy for achieving peace and justice.

Through our four programs, FNVW demonstrates the power of transformation at personal, community and institutional levels:

  • Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)provides transformational workshops on conflict resolution in prisons, jails and communities. 8,600 incarcerated people have had the opportunity to transform their paradigm from violence to non-violence.
  • Pathways to Peace arose from the need for personal transformation-the spiritual foundation for our work. We practice meditation, creative visualization and intention in order to nourish nonviolence in ourselves and in our world.
  • Peace Education and Advocacy Program seeks to educate ourselves, the broader community and public officials on the transforming power and practice of nonviolence, and on vital national and international issues concerning peace and justice.
  • People Camp is a weeklong transformative experience of cooperation, community living, peacemaking, and the exploration of ideas and issues. This is a summer camp experience for the whole family and for anyone who enjoys warm, supportive community, challenging workshops and lots of recreation in a camp setting.

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