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Frank Theatre is committed to producing work that stretches the artists' skills while challenging the everyday perceptions of the audience.

WOO-HOOO! Frank is 25 years old! And still going!

It's amazing to think that A QUARTER OF A CENTURY ago, Bernadette Sullivan and I had the idea of doing a project. That project led to another, and now, 54 projects, a couple of Ivey awards, a closet full of video tapes (thanks to iDream.tv who has been with us from the beginning) and photographs later, here we are, getting ready to blow out 25 birthday candles. We kicked off this season with Jordan Harrison's MAPLE AND VINE, which closed at the end of October, followed by our annual foray into THE SANTALAND DIARIES, this time at the Cowles Center. And now, we're oh, so excited about taking another crack at the Brecht/Weill masterpiece, THE THREEPENNY OPERA, at the Southern. (We staged it in 1999 at the same venue.) We have an AMAZING cast lined up for the show (Bradley Greenwald as MacHeath, Gary Briggle and Janis Hardy as the Peachums, Vern Sutton as teh Streetsinger, Molly Sue McDonald as Jenny and a whole host of other FABULOUS performers) and we look forward to marking the end of our season with a big celebration.

Meanwhile, Frank continues--as we have for 25 years--to keep looking for work that is going to challenge us as artists and you, as our audience. We keep looking for work that is going to speak directly to the world we live in, that is going to wrestle with the challenges and questions that we see around us, that will spark dialogue and conversation about how we make life on this planet a little more comprehensible. It's truly amazing that we have been able to do the work that we have been doing for this long. And it's amazing that some of the artists who make Frank "Frank" have been with us for over TWO DECADES. Not to mention, some of our audience has been with us for that long as well. Given the scrappy work that we do, given that we move all over town, given that we have a one and a half person staff, it truly is a little miracle that we're still alive and kicking.

We wouldn't be here without you. And we know that. And we mean that. We have an amazing base of support from our individual contributors. That is THE reason why we have been able to keep stirring the pot. And we hope you can continue to support us, maybe even a little more, as we celebrate this milestone!

As always, Frank is working hard to increase our programming, to expand our educational efforts and to raise our artists fees. We'd love to increase our season to 4 productions a year. This year, we have two ongoing residencies--one with an alternative high school in south Minneapolis, and one in a very rural area 30 miles north of Cloquet. Working with underserved populations in both schools is enormously rewarding. And, when we're NOT staging huge extravagazas like THREEPENNY, we continue to work towards raising the amount that we can pay artists; with a huge project like THREEPENNY, the pie gets cut into smaller and smaller pieces, so our efforts on that front are particularly significant right now.

We hope that you'll keep Frank on your list for your charitable dollars. We promise that we'll stretch your dollars to their maximum good, and we promise that we'll continue to bring you the ambitious and challenging work that has been our signature for a quarter of a century--something that we could not have done without your help!

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