The mission of Eagle Bluff is to provide inspiring experiences that connect people of all ages to the natural world and each other.

"I'm so glad there are places like Eagle Bluff. I hope every child around the world has a place like Eagle Bluff. It was really a life changing place, and I got to learn so much stuff." Marissa,8th grade, St Croix Lutheran Middle School, W. St. Paul

Donations to Eagle Bluff are used to-

  • Provide Scholarships to students in need: "We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a scholarship for our trip. Everyone that went had an awesome time and valued every moment of every day. I Know I keep saying it, but thank you so very, very much! You taught us more than just book smarts and were so generous." Dez, 6th grade, Sky Oaks Elementary, Burnsville, MN
  • Help students connect to and become aware of their environment: "You continue to help us in every way because you are our teachers helping us understand how we can help our environment." Imani, 5th grade, Harvest Preparatory School, Minneapolis, MN
  • Encourage students to become stewards and leaders in their communities: "Thank you for helping our class at Eagle Bluff. We really learned about how we all affect our world and the things that live in our world." Samantha, 8th grade, Dike-New Hartford Junior High School, New Hartford, IA

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