The Duluth Library Foundation supports lifelong learning and literacy at the Duluth Public Library.

The Duluth Library Foundation was established to help sustain a public treasure, the Duluth Public Library. We seek your support! There are several ways to give.

One-time donors. Single donations are most welcome! They can be made online or through the mail.

Sustaining donors. Monthly donations make giving even easier, because they are automatically deducted from your checking account or charged to your credit card monthly. You can change your donation amount, or cancel it altogether, at any time.

Memorial gifts. These are traditional ways to remember loved ones and to support an organization that was dear to them.

Honor gifts. You can acknowledge someone who has had a significant impact on your life, or you can mark an important event, such as a graduation.

Legacy Circle. When you make a provision for the Duluth Library Foundation in your will, you plan to benefit generations to come. We know that your plans may change between now and then, but we want to recognize your commitment in a visible way on our donor wall. Just inform us that you have made a provision for the Foundation in your will. The amount can vary and does not have to be disclosed. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

Endowments. Create an endowment to ensure that your support of the Duluth Public Library continues forever. Endowments can be used to memorialize you or a loved one.


Gifts to the Foundation are cumulative. Names are included on the wall, located in the Superior Street lobby, when a sponsorship level is reached.

$500-999 Emily Dickinson

$1,000-2,499 Mark Twain

$2,500-4,999 Jane Austen

$5,000-9,999 William Shakespeare

$10,000+ Andrew Carnegie (At this level, donors receive individual large plaques which are separate from the donor wall)

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