Providing much-needed dental care to families, children and seniors throughout MSP with our mobile services and community clinic.

Do you know someone that has not seen the dentist in years because they have no dental insurance and they say they cannot afford to go?

We say you cannot afford NOT to go. We see patients every day that put off their dental care, only to encounter issues in their overall healthcare. Issues that could have been prevented with regular dental check-ups.

Doorstep Healthcare makes it possible for EVERYONE to be seen by a dentist. Initially started as a mobile dental van, treating patients in long-term care facilities, Doorstep Healthcare Services (DHS) has expanded its services through our community dental clinic - Cedar Lake Dental - conveniently located in St. Louis Park.

We offer dental care and services to families, children, and anyone else that needs us. We care about the health of our patients, and we know that this care starts with good oral hygiene.

Your financial contribution will help us to continue offering these services to those in need - thank you!

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