Donate. Help MPLS.TV empower local talent. A fiscally sponsored project of Springboard. To give to Springboard:

Donate. Help MPLS.TV empower local talent!

Please help us give the Minneapolis arts & cultural community the kind of resources it needs to improve its sustainability. We have so much talent in our own community - talent that MPLS.TV wants to celebrate and support. Your donation dollars will help ensure MPLS.TV can continue to bring you the awesome, locally produced programming - City of Music, What The F**k Are You Wearing?, and Bobby Kahn's Variety Hour - while also allowing us to develop and enhance our new and exciting repertoire. With your help - and our resourceful expertise - MPLS.TV will provide more opportunities to the creative talent that lives in our own backyard. Minneapolis may not be as populated or financially rich as other, larger cities may be, but we have the talent and Do-It-Together resourcefulness to continue to build on our culturally vibrant community. Donate in support of our local arts and cultural scene. Together - but only together - can we build something special.


MPLS.TV is a locally produced, cultural outlet run by a collective of creative individuals dedicated to provide entertaining and insightful content to Minneapolis and beyond. Powered by a resourceful, Do-It-Together (DIT) community, MPLS.TV aims to foster cultural sustainability and growth, while uniquely showcasing Minneapolis arts and culture like no one has before.

Thanks to those who have already donated:

Kevin Albertson // Katherine Brandt // Zachary Nagle // Jared Thiele // Leslie Silk-Champagne // Daniel Vogal // Bethany Larson // Jennifer Albertson // Lisa Vonderharr // Janet Albertson // Satchel Moore // Merete Wells // Scott Model // Jonathan Dueck // Andrew Utne // Molly Adams // Jennifer O'Connell // Counter Couture Designs // Kirt Warner // Darla Cloud // Steven Diedrich // Anonymous // Charles Decker // Anonymous // Andrew Weithe // Brian Turek // Jeffrey Heer // Joleyn McClemens // Robert Newton // Dominic Postiglione // Ashish Sharma // Laura Norton // Frank Mannella // Timothy Abramson // Andrew Colston // Jennifer Dill // Scott Thorsen // Katie Bull // Dillon Parker // Brian Treece // Sarah Morean // Graham Petersburg // Jillian M Traynor // Robert Kahn // Rebecca Lang // Ashish Sharma // Ellen Anderson // Carl Swanson // Jay Gabler // Lisa Vonderharr // Jacqueline C. Bull // Matt Johnson // Ryder Steeler

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