Domestic Abuse Project (DAP) provides therapy and advocacy to women, children and men seeking to end the domestic violence in their lives.

Peter was eight, with a shock of dark hair and a shy grin. He hung back in Children’s group, but seemed to pay close attention. At his last session, his therapist asked what he’d learned at DAP. Peter looked thoughtful, then replied, “I learned that I matter in this world.” We get to see that kind of transformation every day, but you - YOU make it happen!

Ending domestic violence takes neighbors, business owners and faith communities willing to get involved and to provide a circle of support. It takes families, friends, neighbors and co-workers saying, “We will do what it takes to break the cycle of violence and abuse.” We know that DAP’s unique mix of therapy, crisis intervention and legal advocacy breaks that cycle. Your support is what allows us to respond to the families who turn to us for healing.

Last year, one in five of the people DAP helped was supported completely by donations from individuals like you.

Please think for a moment about those who turn to DAP for help. Many of them come to DAP carrying the firm conviction that they DO NOT matter in this world. There is no more critical job for DAP than to teach the powerful lesson that Peter learned - that they matter in this world.

YOU matter in DAP’s world. Without you, DAP will have to turn away one of every five people who turn to us for help. To continue to offer our healing services to families in crisis we rely on your support. Please make your contribution today.

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