This fund provides a base for the Foundation to ensure continuation of programs supporting chapters, members and their communities.

Only seven spots remain! Be one of the lucky seven to help us finalize this endowment!

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of the Minnesota Women of Today in 2010, the Diamond Endowment Fund was created. The Diamond Fund consists of ten 10-karat sections, each with five $100 donation opportunities and one $500 opportunity. When all ten 10-karat sections are complete, a $10,000 endowment will have been created for the Minnesota Women of Today Foundation. Sixty donations for sixty years - be one of the first to commit funds to this exciting endowment fund! When you commit to a donation level, you have three years to pay the donation, or you can simply donate the entire amount at once. If you choose the payment plan, reminders will be sent to you yearly to remind you that payment is due.

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