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Dialogue Earth is a start-up nonprofit whose mission is to increase public understanding on societal topics.

We are working to change the way science stories are told to the general public. Our vision is to build a library of timely, engaging, trustworthy videos, by combining broadly-endorsed science facts with creative storytelling.

We recently completed several successful pilot tests to engage an online community in the creation of innovative, scientifically sound and non-advocacy science videos. The winning video from our first contest is featured above. Click here to visit our YouTube page and watch all our winning videos!

Your support will enable us to create videos for our next science video projects.

Please note: Every dollar you give will go directly to the creative content producers who participate in our contest. Meet the winners of our first contest here, and the winners of our most recent contest here.

All donors will be named in the video credits.

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About Dialogue Earth
Dialogue Earth is a hybrid start-up nonprofit, with a research operation based at the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment (IonE). Seed funding has come from IonE as well as Foundation for Environmental Research (FER).

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