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Thanks to the time and money of volunteers, the Dance Community Newsletter arrives on time every Wednesday, and has expanded its reach to better serve the Twin Cities' dance community. DanceMN is an organization formed specifically to house the Dance Community Newsletter.

The Dance Community News is a weekly bulletin that serves as the primary home for all relevant dance information in the Twin Cities. Specifically, the newsletter serves dance artists in announcing upcoming events and audience members in accessing dance information.

Laurie Van Wieren
Kaleena Miller
Tara King
Emily Gastineau
Advisors: Sally Rousse, Judith Ingber, Dana Kassel, Theresa Madaus and Paul Schulzetenberg

DanceMN is run by members of the dance community. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to defray the technological costs and to help us expand to better serve the community.

What we've already done:

We have engaged in the beginnings of a strategic planning phase and are exploring new ways of better serving the community.

DanceMN has expanded the reach of the newsletter by launching a website dedicated to Twin Cities dance events. Dancemn.org is a public listing of the newsletter so that anyone can read the announcements. It streamlines the process for submissions and newsletter sign-up, with handy forms for each on the website. We have restructured the newsletter to make it easier to read, and we increased membership by 25%. We are doing ongoing research into other dance organizations and are developing a strategic plan, and we sent a representative to the annual Dance/USA conference to advocate for Minnesota dance.

What we hope to do:

The newsletter staff spends 20 hours a week proofreading, standardizing and compiling the newsletter. We want to pay them for their time and expertise.

DanceMN plans to expand the website to foster awareness of the incredible Twin Cities' dance community. In addition to posting dance-related submissions, future projects include: interviews with Twin Cities dance community members, links to dance resources, and may eventually allow Minnesota dance community makers, movers and fans to create their own profiles.

We’re excited to provide more ways for exchange and encourage you to interact with the website as it evolves.

We can't do it without your help! Please help us by giving what you can.

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