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DADS MAKE A DIFFERENCE ... our mission ... to promote the positive involvement of fathers and to educate youth about responsible parenting.

1 in 3 children in America live in father-absent homes. We think ONE is too many. Dads DO make a difference! Kids with positively involved fathers are more likely to do well in school; have healthy self esteem, empathy and pro-social behavior; and avoid high risk behaviors.

Absent fathers and too-early parenting also significantly impact the number of children growing up in poverty.

Dads Make a Difference peer education program helps youth build a foundation of life skills so they're better prepared to think critically about healthy relationships, positive father involvement, becoming sexually active, and the consequences of parenting too soon. DMAD has been doing this important work for 20 YEARS, training 3,024 teen peer educators and teaching over 76,000 middle school-age youth!

Young men need the ability to be partners in conversations about pregnancy prevention and family planning so they can become positive men and fathers ... DMAD provides an opportunity for those conversations to happen.

DMAD strengthens communities because these youth are better equipped to make intentional choices about creating families; and being prepared, capable parents increases family resources. DMAD is a youth development program in the purest sense, by informing young people about the consequences of their choices and by involving them as teachers of the message.

DMAD is exploring new projects to grow our capacity to promote positive father involvement and greatly appreciates your support.

Your donation to Dads Make a Difference is fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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