We are walking to support the Brain Injury Association and the Stroke Walk in honor of our nephew Mason!!

Mason is my 5 year old nephew - who is a hoot!!! Mason had an in-utero stroke and has spent the past five years being aMAZing!!

He has no limitations and works every day to deal with corrective casts, making new pathways in his brain to help his hand and foot work better, and to be an all around five-year-old smarty pants.

We get to help him practice patience (guess which one of us helps teach him that?? Hint: NOT Jammi), enjoy our adventure walks in the woods, and end of the day dance parties.

He surprises us every day, and we couldn't be happier helping out an organization that has supported his family, and has made a difference for so many others who are dealing with the after-affects of a stroke.

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