Newly merged Courage Center and Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute need your support.

Courage Center merged with Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in June to form Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. Together, we offer a continuum of services for people with short- and long-term conditions and disabilities. In addition to physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, we have warm-water pools and adaptive fitness centers that are unique options for our clients.

How your gift makes a difference:

Maci Mauch, born with spina bifida and paraplegia, loved cheering on her big sisters as they ran up and down the soccer field, but her parents wanted her to have her own sport to play.

They brought her to Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (the combined Courage Center and Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute) where Maci, at the impressive age of 5, became the youngest member of the Jr. Rolling Twins Softball Team.

Maci’s mother had often feared her daughter’s life would be filled with exclusions and limitations. Instead, at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute she feels inclusion and acceptance. She joined a community built on ability, not disability.

For a person with a disability, the chance to play with a team of peers and the experience of taking a risk and succeeding on their own is often hard to come by. Many sports and recreation programs have unintentional but inherent barriers for people with disabilities, including inaccessible equipment and instructors who are not trained in the needs of participants with disabilities.

The benefits of sports and recreation programs are huge. These activities provide positive physical, emotional and social benefits that lead to improved physical strength, cardiovascular health, weight control and emotional well-being.

We hope you will consider our clients, like Maci, when making your charitable gift today!

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