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Over 100 homeless rabbits are helped each year through MCRS adoption and education programs.

Since its founding in 2002, MCRS has helped more than 1000 rabbits find new homes and many more rabbits have benefited from our education efforts. MCRS provides free brochures on a variety of rabbit-related topics at most metro area PETCO stores in addition to our website, email and phone support, classes and many educational events each year. Together, we aim to form a community of knowledgeable rabbit families in the hopes that eventually, adoptable rabbits will all be able to find homes and euthanasia for space reasons will no longer be needed. MCRS works exclusively with area shelters and animal control organizations so that together, we can benefit as many rabbits as possible. We provide training and educational materials for shelters. MCRS also frequently fosters rabbits that are not well-suited for the shelter. They may have behavior or fixable medical issues and do much better in a rabbit-savvy foster home. These rabbits are often with MCRS for several weeks to several months while we address their issues and try to match them with an appropriate home. MCRS is primarily operated by volunteers, having just one part-time employee. All of our programs are dependent on donations. Make a difference in the life of a homeless rabbit - donate today!

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