Donate to CIP. Stand with and support people with intellectual/developmental disability and/or serious persistent mental illness.

Mary attends school, loves music and always has a smile on her face. She also has cerebral palsy. What's it like for Mary and her mom Angela to work with Community Involvement Programs?

Angela says that, "CIP has made our lives smoother. I really appreciate the way you all are able to answer my questions and concerns. I love you guys!"

Mary and Angela's story of empowerment through support is just one among the hundreds of live's CIP has touched since its creation in 1971.

Community Involvement Programs (CIP) provides a variety of services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disability and/or serious persistent mental illness living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, and Pine County, MN.

Through community inclusion opportunities, we find ways to collaborate with the men and women who are our program participants to help them pursue their personal dreams and goals.

Will you join us? If you believe that people with disability and/or mental health issues deserve support, please make a secure, tax-deductible donation to CIP today.

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