A lifeline for many: food, clothing, housing, information and more. We are neighbors helping neighbors.

Meeting the Basic Needs of Our Neighbors

The Community Action Center (CAC) is a nonprofit organization that provides services to Northfield-area families and individuals in need. We meet basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter, and provide crisis support, transportation, youth services and other programs designed to facilitate neighbors helping neighbors. We strengthen our community and ensure that the people with whom we live and work are supported in a manner that helps them succeed.

Our Mission

To promote a healthy, caring, and just community for all people through resources, advocacy, and volunteer effort.

Our Core Programs

Feeding the Hungry: The life-sustaining food programs of the Community Action Center provide for those who are hungry through a community-supported Food Shelf and Thursday's Table -- a free weekly meal for those who are in transition.

Clothing Those in Need: Clothing is essential: whether interviewing for a job or walking to the grocery store, appropriate clothing makes all the difference. We work with our neighbors in the Northfield area to gather quality, gently used clothing for distribution to people who need it.

Nurturing the Next Generation: Youth are the future of our community. Through Christmas Sharing, scholarship programs and Operation Backpack, in collaboration with the Campaign for Children, the Community Action Center provides children with what they need to excel inside the classroom.

Establishing Roots and Building Community: Recognizing that it is oftentimes difficult to find firm footing in a new community, the Community Action Center offers new residents access to jobs-training programs, volunteer opportunities and information about referral sources.

Transportation Solutions: We know that the ability to move from one point to another is important to anybody's success. The Community ActionCenter offers the C.A.A.R. (Community Action Auto Recycling) program, gas vouchers and bus tokens to help those in transition.

Creating Homes: The Community Action Center recognizes that everyone needs a place to feel safe. Through a continuum of programs people in the Northfield are offered emergency and transitional housing as well as permanent supportive housing.

Giving Hope to People in Crisis: One of the best things we can do for people in transition is give them hope. We are uniquely positioned to offer Northfield neighbors hope for a better future by offering emergency assistance, short-term counseling and referrals to other sources of aid.

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