Our Mission: To enrich the common good through actor-based storytelling which is both transcendent and relevant.

The Commonweal is a fully professional regional theater that strives to enrich the common good through actor-based storytelling which is both transcendent and relevant, bringing the finest in theater to over 25,000 people annually (many of whom have never been to live, professional theater in their lives) in a town of 754. As donors Michaeleen Bonner and Scott Gottfried so articulately tell it: "The Commonweal nourishes in ways that are difficult to measure, impossible to delineate by cost. Whether one is able to support this fine organization with a little or a lot, on a cost/benefit scale, the benefits ALWAYS outweigh the costs. As our ability to invest more increased, the return on that investment rose even further. It really seems silly now, but it was a big decision for us to make the commitment to become MDC members a long time ago. There was uncertainty about many things including the direction our lives might take and the direction the Company might take. Now we can’t imagine having had those doubts. Now we only try to figure out how we might expand our support. These are smart folks here at the Commonweal… they know some things about meeting the needs of their patrons. As much of a speck as any individual is, the members of the CTC have ALWAYS welcomed us to this place; they have provided us with a beautiful, comfortable theatre. The heartfelt thanks they extend following every performance makes us feel special…like the Mona Lisa, they seem to be speaking directly to us. Having those ‘needs’ met keeps us coming back. But as we drive away from this wonderful place we always find ourselves nourished and enriched by the amazing talent, stories and lessons we learn." [Michaeleen (Mike) Bonner and Scott Gottfried Houston, MN]

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