Common Cause Minnesota is a nonprofit, nonpartisan citizen’s lobby dedicated to improving the way state government operates.

Once, Minnesota was the model of how government works: good jobs, good roads, and good education. But the recent 19-day government shutdown revealed that we are no longer worthy of this reputation. It has become all too clear that Minnesota’s politics are broken -- a clear reflection of what we’ve just witnessed in our nation’s Capitol. In fact, the dysfunction of the last several weeks in Washington, D.C., was a replay of the recent dysfunction displayed in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

This became all too apparent when legislators and the governor locked Minnesotans out of the State Capitol during budget negotiations. It is disappointing that our state leaders believe that it is acceptable to make significant decisions behind closed doors and with little public oversight. As The Winona Daily News stated:

“This isn’t good government. This isn’t even bad government. It’s not government. It’s not the way things should go in our democracy, regardless of which party is in control.”

For too long, Washington D.C. has been governed by Wall Street lobbyists instead of Main street voters. Now, those same lobbyists have infected Minnesota state government.

It is no coincidence that the first legislature elected since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision focused so squarely on representing the interests of corporations. The 2010 Minnesota state election was flooded with corporate contributions as a result of that court decision.

Common Cause Minnesota is fighting back with our campaign to drive corporate money out of our elections.

Help us keep secret money out of politics. Working together, we will be able to fight back against these special interest groups and hold our elected officials accountable to “we the people.”

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    Together, Common Cause and CCEF work to ensure that government and the political process serve the people's interest rather than special interests; curb the excessive influence of money on government decisions and elections; promote fair and honest elections and high ethical standards for government officials; protect the civil rights and civil liberties of all Americans; and strengthen pulic participation in our institutions of self-government.
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