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Clare Housing's mission is to provide affordable housing, supportive services and compassionate care to people living with HIV/AIDS.

"I am very thankful to have a home at Clare Housing. Living here has given me the ability to work towards my independence, to stay healthy and safe."

- David, Resident of Clare Housing since 2011


Imagine being sick, without a home, without a bathroom, without a place to store medications ­– the streets and shelters are your home and the stress of surviving the night, in sometimes unsafe surroundings, puts your life even more at risk. We estimate each night that there are 200-300 HIV-positive people in the Twin Cities living on the streets and in shelters who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. In our own community the need for safe, affordable HIV-specific housing is real and growing.

National research has proven that housing interventions increase access to care and a person’s likelihood of attending medical visits, adhering to often complex drug treatments, improved health outcomes, and decreased use of emergency and hospital services. Additionally, people who are stably housed demonstrate significant reductions in behaviors associated with HIV transmission including high-risk sexual behavior and drug use.

Who We Are: Clare Housing is an innovative leader of supportive housing for people living with HIV/AIDS for the past 26 years. Over the last decade, we have grown from serving 8 people to 150. Clare Housing is committed to continuing to be responsive to inevitable changes in need and economic condition.

It is our belief that all people living with HIV/AIDS should have access to affordable, safe and stable housing with the supportive services they need to lead satisfying lives with dignity.

The Need: There are 7,500 people living with HIV/AIDS in Minnesota. Fifty percent of them will be homeless or have a housing crisis during the course of their illness and will be unable to receive the medical care they need to manage their disease. There were 315 new HIV infections reported in 2012, an increase of 8% from 2011. HIV/AIDS continues to disproportionately impact communities of color and low-income communities.


“Affordable housing remains the most critical unmet need for people living with HIV/AIDS. We have 200 people on a waiting list who are in need of affordable supportive housing. We are currently in the planning stages to create 40 additional units of housing.

But we can’t stop there. And, we can’t do it alone - we need the support of people like you, your friends, our city and our state in order for us to fulfill our mission."

- Chuck Peterson, Executive Director

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