If you've found this page, you've probably been asked by a neighbor, friend or relative who attends Circus Juventas to support their cause.

Circus Juventas helps hundreds of young people each year develop self-confidence; learn about goal -setting, achievement and teamwork while developing health and fitness habits for creative expression.

Circus Juventas students and families bear much of the program costs but tuition covers only about 47 percent of the total expense. To keep tuition fees down, Circus Juventas relies on generous donors like you. Although Circus Juventas programs are having a tremendous impact on the lives of young people, we face a huge challenge in making classes accessible to all. Nearly 18 percent of Circus Juventas students rely on scholarship support, work-study offerings and other subsidized fee arrangements.

We rely on generous donors, volunteers, parents and others to help. Special programming and tuition assistance is essential to ensure that all segments of our community are being served.

This year we are encouraging students to aid in the fundraising process by asking friends and family to donate in their names. Incentives are available for them if they reach certain benchmarks. If you would like to help your favorite tumbler, acrobat, juggler, aerialist or clown in this endeavor, simply add their name in the box provided upon checkout.

Your donation will help--

  • Keep our class fees stable and allow us to offer scholarship support to families who cannot afford to participate because of financial circumstances.
  • Subsidize the cost of performances for schools and other groups who might not otherwise be able to attend circus arts performances.
  • Develop and sustain accessibility activities such as our "Wings" program which is allowing students with disabilities to actively participate in circus performing arts.

We realize during these tough economic times that you're being asked to give more and more by a growing number of charities. As you make these difficult giving decisions, we hope you'll consider a gift to Circus Juventas.

To help your CJ student reach their Cirque-a-thon goal:

1. Enter a gift amount and click the "Donate" button in the "Make a Donation" box at left.

2. On the donation page, be sure to select the "Dedicate my donation to someone" link and enter your CJ student's name.

3. Your gift will be credited toward your students goal abd you will receive a gift acknowledgment directly from Circus Juventas.

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