CHUM Saves Lives! Each day more than 100 people walk through our doors seeking food and shelter. They are treated with dignity and find hope

Each day more than 100 people looking for food and shelter, dignity and hope walk through our doors. It may be the door to the food shelf for emergency food assistance. It may be the door to the CHUM Center where shelter and other services are available to make life a bit more appealing. Or it may be the door to permanent supportive or transitional housing where a family can find stability.

When people visit CHUM for the first time they are surprised that there is so much here for them. With 10 social workers offering different specialties, CHUM provides the steps necessary to go from homelessness to housed, from hungry to fed, from no income to regular income or employment and from no health care to health care coverage. Housing programs can lead to stability, even after years of homelessness. Family advocates work to engage children in school and help parents to obtain mental health resources vital to their family’s stability.

CHUM provides people a mailing address , which is necessary to obtain a job, driver’s license or ID. Phone messaging systems are in place so potential employers or landlords can leave personal messages. The CHUM Center becomes a communication center, laundromat, a place to shower and to spend their days and nights. It’s a place to be safe.

Yes, our clients have had hard times in their lives, made bad choices and have families who have given up on them. But each one is a human being deserving of dignity and hope. CHUM gives second and third chances because that is often what it takes.

And, we have successes. This summer, we worked with a family of 11 to find shelter and keep their family together. Today they are living in a house, the children are attending school, the mom is working and the dad is attending school.

Please join us in making life stable and productive for those who come to us for food, shelter, dignity and hope. Through your support of CHUM today, you are supporting your neighbors and improving your community for us all.

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