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Help all animals by adopting a plant based diet. Help individual chickens by adopting them as companions.

Founded 2001

Every year, domestic fowl, mostly chickens, are impounded by Minneapolis Animal Care & Control
and 5 Metro Area humane societies. These birds are victims of neglect, abuse and abandonment,
used for eggs, slaughter, fighting, ritual sacrifice, “nature lessons” or discarded after a hobby no
longer holds interest.

After their release from impound, Chicken Run provides the birds with love, shelter and vet care,
locates and screens adopters within 90 miles of the Twin Cities and transports the birds to their new
homes. Chicken Run Rescue is the only urban chicken rescue of its kind and depends entirely on donations and sales
of art merchandise to continue helping chickens. There is a special need for rooster homes. Don't breed or buy- Adopt! There are never enough homes for displaced animals.

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