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    Geoff Livingston's Fundraiser for Charity: Water

    Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water! Make a difference.

    Geoff Livingston A fundraiser by Geoff Livingston for Charity: Water


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    water is essential

    Lucie Plusquellec A fundraiser by Lucie Plusquellec for Charity: Water

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    Alicia's charity: water campaign

    testing for analysis

    Alicia Kim A fundraiser by Alicia Kim for Charity: Water

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    My 28th Birthday Wish

    Join me as my Birthday wish to help give access to people in developing countries access to clean water. Please look at the videos.

    Arun Ramakrishnan A fundraiser by Arun Ramakrishnan for Charity: Water


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    We Share Water!

    Charity Water makes sure these children get the clean water they deserve by building wells for them.

    no account A fundraiser by no account for Charity: Water


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    Stephen's Bday Giveaway!

    I am celebrating having 30 years of clean water by helping those who don't! Instead of gifts I hope that you will make a donation!

    Stephen Sauls A fundraiser by Stephen Sauls for Charity: Water


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    My Birthday Wish: Support Water Project

    Help Charity Water to bring access to water in places where people spend hours and walk long distance to get a bucket of water everyday.

    Songul Aslanturk A fundraiser by Songul Aslanturk for Charity: Water


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    Katherine Santer's Donating my Christmas wish

    This Christmas, instead of giving me a gift under the tree, donate to this charity. It's an easy way to help make the world a better place.

    Katherine Santer A fundraiser by Katherine Santer for Charity: Water

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    Channing's 27th Birthday Campaign

    Raising money for the BILLION people who are still living without clean water

    Channing Langston A fundraiser by Channing Langston for Charity: Water


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