"To save one life is to save the world" I am swimming the English Channel while fighting the stigma again Mental Inness

I have always been a long distance swimmer. The longer I swam the faster I went. I would swim faster in the mile then the 200. The older/faster I became the more people brought up open water swimming,I never was sold on the Idea. My first open water "race" was in college after I had been out of the water for years, the Minnetonka 5 Mile swim. And I fell in love with open water swimming. It felt like I finaly found my calling. About 3 years ago a fellow swimmer/mentor/friend told me that I should swim the English Channel. She said this many many times and told me how good I would be at it for many reasons. I had know about the Channel all my swimming life and how hard it is to compete. During that practice of 3x1000, I thought this is something worth looking into. With the help of friends and family I decided that this was a challenge I wanted to attempt. The more I got into open water swimming the more I loved it and wanted to swim the channel. This blog is going to tell my story and journey to my ultimate quest to cross the English Channel. and other swims to come!

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