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Community Design Center of Minnesota is now Urban Roots! We continue to use food and ecology to promote healthy people and communities...

We are a Saint Paul-based organization with a mission to build vibrant and healthy communities through food, conservation and youth development. Your contribution will help us continue to improve the community's health and environment and youth's career pathways!

Our cooking, gardening and conservation youth internship and education programs serve nearly 1,500 children, youth and families annually. Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, farmer's market stands, garden and nature sanctuary tours, rain garden demonstrations and other community projects reach more than 1,000 additional people. 45 teens from St. Paul's East Side earn money and build critical skills through our youth internships.

Following are some quotes from program alumni who were inspired by their time in our programs:

“My employment at Urban Roots has given me the opportunity to explore my personal interest in working with people. It was through the cooking classes that I was able to recognize my passion for working with young students.”

“The experience of working with people from all ages during my four years significantly influenced my decision to pursue a degree in Social Work.”

The Urban Roots internship made me become a strong leader; not a follower. It has made me do things that I had never thought I can achieve in life.”

“Urban Roots has inspired me to help my community, eat healthy and choose a major within the environmental field.”

“Thanks to the Urban Roots staff I was able to get a job at the National Park Service for two years, where I learned a lot and was able to give back to the community.”

“My experience as an intern at Urban Roots has given me more confidence and expanded my appreciation for nature and the environment. I gained some of my best qualities from my experience from [Urban Roots], such as public speaking, teamwork, and people skills.”

“I always planned to go to college but it was just sort of a plan. When I worked with Urban Roots, the great staff there encouraged future education. My supervisor especially did this and so I kind of progressed toward seeing the real importance of college. It's not a place you go to learn and get more money, but a place where you go to create yourself and find out what you like to do!”

**Thanks for supporting our work!**

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