Helping AccountAbility Minnesota meet their $10,000 challenge grant by bringing in at least four NEW donations at $40!

As a volunteer for AccountAbility Minnesota, we help prepare taxes for low-income individual and families. But as a passionate believer in the cause, this fundraising effort is important to us personally. AAM relieves poverty by helping to put assets into the hands the people who need it most. We serve so many – 11,500 this year alone – with the help of over 550 volunteers like me. We hope you'll join us in this effort!

Each one of our customers has a unique story to tell. Brenda’s is just one of thousands:

Brenda knows how important tax time is for her family each year and how AccountAbility Minnesota can help. Brenda has been coming to AccountAbility Minnesota for several years to file her taxes free of charge and receive the tax credits she is due by law.

By filing a tax return, low-income families can access a variety of tax credits that can boost their income as much as 40%. For many, this added income helps them pay bills or make needed car or home repairs that have been put on hold. For some families, like Brenda’s, it gives them an opportunity to start saving for their children’s education or for other future needs.

"I am so thankful for AccountAbility Minnesota,” Brenda explains. “I need this refund because I've been in transitional housing for over four years. I just received a Section 8 voucher in December and I just moved into my own apartment. I need to start off with a good start and this refund would help me pay some bills and stay ahead by putting some monies to the side. My son has worked extremely hard this year so he can graduate on time. I am so proud of him. I love him so much and I want him to have the best graduation ever. Also I want him to put something aside for when he gets ready to go to college this fall.”

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