The Cannon River Watershed Partnership helps people take action for clean water.

CRWP was formed in 1990 and 23 years later we are still going strong helping people from across the six counties of the Cannon River wateshed DO something to help us have clean water - to be good Water Stewards. Thank you to all those who help make our waters cleaner in so many ways!

Here are some examples of how our members and friends are doing something for cleaner water with CRWP's help.

Lake Stewards

Greg and Sue Carlson have participated in the Roberds Lake Sewer Project over the past 4 years. Their goal is a cleaner Roberds Lake with less green slime from alge blooms. Along with 150 or so of their friends and neighbors around the lake they are helping bring much need wastewater treatment to the lake. Many systems on the lake were in bad shape or nonexistent which resulted in lots of phosphorus, bacteria and other toxins polluting Roberds Lake.

Cannon River Wateshed Partnership has been there with them every step of the way through our Southeast Minnesota Wastewater Initiative. According to Greg:

"CRWP and Aaron Wills have been exceedingly
helpful in making this project happen. The expertise in grant writing and funding has been invaluable. With CRWP's help the project has moved much faster than it would have on its own. Thank you CRWP!"

River Friendly Farmer

Dave Legvold has been a farmer all his life. He currently farms around 700 acres of land in Dakota and Rice Counties just down the road from the CRWP office. Along with being a farmer Dave spent much of his life as an educator so it's no surprise that he brings a quest for knowledge and improvement to his farming. Dave has served as a mentor and resource to area farmers who are interested in trying methods of tillage and fertilizer application that will build soil health and reduce pollution to the streams, rivers and lakes. In addition to working with farmers, Dave includes students and faculty from St. Olaf College in his reserach and tinkering which adds the data and rigor he needs to know the results of his changes.

In 2008 Dave received some funds through CRWP to help modify a fertilizer applicator in a way that would allow him to be more precise with application of nitrogen (N) that he applies to his corn crop. According to Dave: "The funds and support I got from the CRWP through the River Friendly Farmer program leveraged the purchase of equipment to apply N according to state and university recommendations. By being more efficient with my N application I keep excess N out of local surface and groundwater. When a supporter of the CRWP helps fund these kinds of projects, not only does the word “partnership” have real meaning, the water flowing down the Cannon River to the Mississippi is a bit cleaner."

Watershed Cleanup

Ryan Kubat and his family have been paddling the Straight River for years. It was something he could do with the kids and a way for them to enjoy nature as a family. Ryan and his son Adam became involved with CRWP about seven years ago and have been leaders with our Watershed Wide Cleanup since it started.

Two years ago wife and mom Pam joined the team. According to Pam "It had always been a thing to do for the guys in our family but when Ryan couldn't make it I decided to help out. I loved it and will always be involved."

The Kubats feel that the Straight River is a real treasure to the community. They feel a personal sense of responsibility to help keep it clean. The stretch through Owatonna feels like "our section" of the river to them. They had been doing some small cleanups with friends before the Watershed Wide Cleanup started 5 years ago but feel that

"CRWP provides the organizing, outreach and connecting with others to bring the cleanup to a level where it is having a real impact".

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