The Freedom Jazz Festival presents live performances of jazz through a cultural and historical context for jazz lovers and the whole family.

Welcome to the family of the Freedom Jazz Festival, Inc. Minneapolis and St Paul keeps jazz grooving and moving all year round and the Freedom Jazz Festival is on a mission. On November 16 we ask that you GIVE TO THE MAX through the fundraiser for the Freedom Jazz Festival. To assist us in this mission, please donate on our website or . We welcome any amount, it’s all good!

We love JAZZ and Jazz lovers! The Freedom Jazz Festival began in 1999 with only about 200 attendees that sat through a 20 minute rainstorm and in 2009 we had 3,000 attendees filling up the park! We hope to build our audience and add more musicians to the lineup. We want to expand our events and jazz connections in the community and online. We appreciate you and hope you have enjoyed our jazz concerts and selections from Minnesota, to Chicago, Sacramento, New York, Atlanta, to Rome! Jazz has no boundaries!

The mission of the Freedom Jazz Festival to provide free Jazz-in-the-park performances suitable for all ages and socio-economic groups especially families and children. We wish to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy Jazz which is America's only original music art form. It is America's music, and we wish to take it out of the night clubs and make it accessible to everyone, especially to children and families. Our goal in doing this is to offer a safe alternative to some types of popular contemporary music and to create a whole new generation of Jazz Lovers who will then play, promote and perform America's music and carry it forward into the millennium. By supporting our mission, you are supporting our families and preserving our history. And if you’re in the Twin Cities, MN, we hope you stop by the 2011 Freedom Jazz Festival in August. More details will follow! We thank you for your support!

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