"Gitche" and "Gumee" are silver phase red foxes. They have been off-exhibit since the flood of 2012 and need a new home/exhibit.

For nearly all of their lives, four-year-old brothers Gitche and Gumee have lived at the Lake Superior Zoo. Despite being grey and black in color (technically speaking they are considered “silver phase”), they are red foxes. Only 2 to 17% of foxes in the world are silver phase like Gitche and Gumee.

These wonderful creatures are in need of your help. You see, they live at the zoo but none of our visitors can see them or learn about them firsthand. They are off exhibit to the public because the “500 Year Flood” of June 2012 damaged their exhibit and knowing what they now know, the Lake Superior Zoo team will not risk putting them in harm’s way in their former exhibit by the creek.

Gitche and Gumme survived the flood. The animal care team at the zoo does not know how. The water line went right up to the very top of their enclosure. Perhaps they were able to cling to the fencing with their paws and put their nose above the water. Perhaps something greater was at work- after all, their names, translated from the Ojibwe language to the English language is big water.

The zoo needs $12,000 to build an exhibit for Gitche and Gumee. Please consider making a significant donation in order to help them move into their new home.

If our financial goal for this project is exceeded, we will be able to make improvements to more of our animal’s exhibits in order to improve their lives and our visitor’s experience.

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