Your donation of $12.50 per month or $150 will enable the staff of the Boys & Girls Club to provide high-impact programs to 6,000 members.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota is celebrating 39 years of dedicated service to youth. We provide outcome-driven experiences using relationship-based programming to more than 1,300 youth daily at three Club facilities and 13 KIDSTOP sites daily.

The Boys & Girls Club builds successful youth with our education & career development programs. Kameren Steven got his first job at Garden Wok in Sartell after completing Job Ready and Career Launch programs. He said that Goals for Growth helped him realize his dream to become a math teacher and has helped him outline the steps to graduate successfully from high school and apply for college.

The arts provide a unique opportunity to transform the learning environment for children. Therefore, we have made a promise to our community to provide regular performing arts opportunities for our young members, whose circumstances limit their ability to participate in theatre at school or in the community. We have strengthened our community partnerships to expose our young people to theatre at the Paramount and CSB/SJU. Our members have also performed numerous productions, including "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" with the help of GREAT Theatre. They have produced silent movies with the help of summer performing arts interns. This summer, Club members learned the art of LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) with the help of a youth guidance worker. This has quickly become one of the kids' favorite programs, in which they get into costume, develop a character and perform impromptu dramatic action throughout the Club. Stay tuned for the Club's annual holiday event in mid December!

The Boys & Girls Club keeps children healthy and active through daily sports tournaments, fitness challenges and outdoor play. We have three full-size gyms available at the units with dedicated staff in the sports, fitness and recreation core program area. Our Clubs are also located in city parks, and we full utilize the fields for outdoor sports activities and playground use. We provide Triple Play: a game plan for mind, body and soul - which is a national program designed to develop fitness through daily challenges in the gym and games room, as well as build healthy habits and lifestyle shifts in our young people and their families.

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