The Boundary Waters Experience is a wilderness adventure ministry, located near Ely, MN.

Groups experience the 1.2 million acre treasure of pristine wilderness that is overflowing with over 1,200 lakes, rivers, and streams. In this beautiful classroom, groups will engage with nature, grow in faith, and share with one another. In addition to paddling and exploring the beauty each day, the groups participate in quiet times, intentional conversations about faith, and life stories, an opportunity to hear the stories of each person’s life. The Classic Boundary Waters Experience is essential to creating rich community while strengthening faith.

The BWX ministry creates intimate and trusting connections through the facilitation of unique group discussion, sharing life stories, and living faithfully in the ways of Jesus. Our goal is to send groups of students and leaders back into their own communities with a great depth of cohesion that are centered on their faith and executed by living well together.

Mission : The Boundary Waters Experience adventure camping programs are unique wilderness experiences providing resources designed to foster growth, understanding, relationship, and action in accordance with the teachings of Jesus the Christ.

Purpose : To facilitate growth, understanding, relation, and action in the belief in the teachings of Jesus the Christ within the wilderness teaching arena of, the Boundary Waters Experience community.

Method : We provide challenging, small group, wilderness adventures, facilitated by trained and qualified staff, through which God’s Word can be heard, discussed, experienced, and actively integrated into the individual and the communities daily life.

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