Every year EXPO 6th graders embark on a fantastic learning experience in the BWCA. Please help make this trip possible for students in need.

Over the past 10 years, we have provided environmental learning opportunities for students at EXPO. We have had more than 700 students participate in our program and embark on a journey of a lifetime. EXPO Elementary School and our teaching staff are requesting the support of people interested in providing funding to help urban elementary school children participate in an environmental learning opportunity in northern Minnesota. The project will enrich the quality of education for 80-90 sixth graders. It will provide learners with an opportunity to research northern Minnesota ecology and to report shared learning experiences with others at EXPO Elementary School.

The learners at EXPO Elementary have a wonderful enthusiasm for adventure and investigation. This enthusiasm is brought to life by a team of educators and their passion for the outdoors. Our passion becomes a reality for learners who participate in our environmental program. Our program provides an opportunity for learners and teachers to follow a passion. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area provides teachers and children an opportunity to participate in the experiential learning of northern Minnesota. Most importantly, learners have an opportunity to have fun and to learn about the environment through the cooperative efforts and resources provided by the YMCA Camp Widjiwagan program.

Our passion is to provide urban learners with an opportunity to visit northern Minnesota and discover its unique diversity through experiential learning. Our goal is to promote our program and raise awareness in our community about the importance of environmental education. Help us make our dream a reality, donate and support our students.

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