The Blue Earth County Historical Society leads in the collecting, preserving and promoting Blue Earth County's rich heritage for the future.

History organizations are future-focused. That statement may seem like a contradiction, but it’s true. We collect today so that the people of tomorrow can understand their past and can live a richer life knowing their history. History organizations also mark change and major changes are ahead for the Blue Earth County Historical Society. Now is the time for your support.

Nearly half of our $200,000 annual operating budget comes from Blue Earth County, but the remainder comes from people like you through memberships, donations, store purchases and fees collected. Your gift allows us to maintain our current day-to-day operations with an extremely small but dedicated staff, expand our services to meet the needs of the region, engage new volunteers and explore new ways to interpret the rich heritage of Blue Earth County. We collect, preserve and present the past through exhibits, vast historical and genealogical resources, and educational opportunities.

Currently we are seeking funds to help us with building improvements, exterior signage and expanded programming. Your future-focused history organization faces an exciting opportunity for growth. Beginning July 2014, BECHS will expand our facility and services in our current location. This will mean an additional 6,000 square feet for future exhibits, programs and storage. There is a lot of work ahead to determine the overall scope of the project. Your continued support is needed in order to realize our dream of making history more accessible through an expanded facility.

Please take a few moments to donate today and make history. Every gift makes a difference.

On behalf of your Blue Earth County Historical Society Board of Trustees and staff, thank you for your commitment and support.

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