A community citizen-science project to sustain a healthy population of Eastern Bluebirds in Northwestern Minnesota

Up until the 1930's Eastern Bluebirds were common in rural northwestern Minnesota. You could spot them along roadsides nesting in cavities in trees and wood fence posts.

By the late 1970's bluebirds had all but disappeared throughout their original range.

The good news: bluebirds are resilient. With a little help from humans, populations of these insect-eating birds are increasing - but they haven't fully recovered.

Agassiz Audubon Society is working with local communities to install - and monitor bluebird nest boxes at parks and schools, along roadsides, and at the Audubon Center of the Red River Valley near Warren MN.

We've obtained grants from Northwest Minnesota Foundation and Audubon Minnesota to cover the cost of lumber. And we've partnered with local students to construct the boxes. We are looking for additional funds to purchase metal poles and predator baffles for 50 boxes.

We're reruiting volunteers (students, 4-H clubs, scouts, civic and community organizations, etc) to help install and monitor the boxes. Join us!

We're looking donations that will allow us to build additional nest box set-ups and to underwrite the cost of putting books and media about bird identification and bluebirds in our local public and school libraries.

Your donation will help us sustain a healthy population of these beautiful birds in Northwestern Minnesota - and help rural communities connect with wildlife.

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