Serving the Big Sandy Lake, McGregor, Minnesota area’s quality of life and ecosystem.

The Big Sandy Water Institute (pictured above) is a summer educational, recreational program sponsored by the Big Sandy Lake Foundation. Using primarily non-motorized watercraft, the Institute focuses on teaching the students how to enjoy and preserve local waterways through boat and water safety, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, environmental education and swimming lessons.

What is the Big Sandy Lake Foundation and who benefits? The Foundation is a separate entity from the Big Sandy Lake Association (BSLA), however, it is designed to serve the association goals and the surrounding area quality of life and ecosystem. The BSL Foundation, an affiliate of Minnesota Community Foundation, benefits people in the Big Sandy Lake (McGregor, MN) area. Its mission is to support these objectives: A healthy sustainable ecosystem; Protection of the quality of water, fish, shorelines, vegetation, trees, birds, and other wildlife; Eco-education; and Promoting community relationships.

How does it work? The Foundation operates under the direction of a Board of Directors to: ● Bring together youth from all segments of the community. ● Distribute available funds to eligible organizations through a grant process. ● Inform the community of the Foundation’s work in order to strengthen public understanding and support. ● Serve the community by working with grant seekers and donors. ● Seek contributions for the ongoing work of the Foundation.

Past Projects the Foundation has Supported ● Big Sandy Water Institute ● McGregor Schools Eco-Education ● Big Sandy Area Lakes Watershed Management Project ● ANGELS Chores Program ● McGregor Area Development Project Since 1999, grants totaling $37,525 have been made to support these projects.

You Can Help Your gifts today will support not only these current programs, but also support our vision for the future.

Our Vision for the Future ● Establish an ongoing scholarship for college bound students who will pursue a career in eco-education, environmental studies, or conservation programs. ● Support programs that broaden horizons of area youth. ● Develop adult eco-education programs using our local valuable resources.

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