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Invest Your Gifts to Bethel University to Equip Adventurous Christ-followers!

Bethel University has been a leader and model in Christian higher education since 1871. Approximately 6,500 students from 49 states and 23 countries are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, seminary, and adult education programs. Based in St. Paul, Minn., with additional seminary locations in San Diego and on the East Coast, Bethel offers rigorous bachelor’s and advanced degrees in nearly 100 fields.

Programs are taught by renowned faculty within a distinctly evangelical Christian framework, equipping women and men for culturally sensitive leadership, scholarship, and service around the world.

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Bethel’s 7 Core Values

Bethel students are Christ-followers, striving to live out the teachings of Jesus and to emulate His life as revealed in Scripture.

They are also character-builders. Through healthy, supportive relationships and a culture of service, Bethel helps develop the personal strength and emotional intelligence to make right choices in a broken world.

As learners, Bethel students are critical thinkers and problem-solvers committed to academic excellence and intellectual rigor.

They are truth-seekers, recognizing that all truth—scientific, artistic, philosophical, or theological—has its source in God.

Bethel students use their talents and compassion to be world-changers and reconcilers. They strive to humbly and honestly engage with their own biases and preconceptions to grow closer to understanding Christ’s infinite love and selfless mission of redemption.

They aim to be both salt and light—preserving the good and reflecting the guiding light of Christ. This requires a mature faith that is able to withstand the storms of life, tested by trial and grounded in a personal relationship with God.

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