The Beacon Haven mission is to support proper care and an atmosphere expectant of healing through Christian Science nursing.

Clifton House is now doing business as Beacon Haven.

Beacon Haven’s mission is to “support proper care and an atmosphere expectant of healing through Christian Science nursing.” It is the continuation of a 90 year history of providing practical care and spiritual uplift in the Upper Midwest.

Beacon Haven operates

  • a Medicare accredited Christian Science nursing facility in New Brighton, MN,
  • a Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service,
  • a free 24/7 phone consultation service that is used by people around the world.

The ministry of the Christian Science nurse has been woven into the fabric of the Christian Science Church since 1908 (Church Manual Article VIII, Section 31). It rests squarely on the Bible, especially the teachings and example of Christ Jesus.

Every nursing case is accepted with expectancy of healing and each case is cared for in a spiritually uplifted, individualized manner. Christian Science nursing is non-medical, because the patient is relying on spiritual means for healing. Christian Science nurses provide skilled, practical care to support the patient’s healing. This includes assistance with mobility, cleanliness and nutrition.

For information about Christian Science nursing care, admission to Beacon Haven, or to reserve a Rest & Study suite, please contact us at:


Assistance with transportation is available.

Beacon Haven is Medicare accredited.

For other inquiries, please contact the Beacon Haven facility at 651-379-0100 or

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