Kulture Klub Collaborative will host a second year of their Art Garden, bringing together youth experiencing homelessness and artists.

Please help Kulture Klub Collaborative to make this beautiful garden a truly sustainable program. Putting Down Roots brings young people experiencing homelessness and artists together to build a garden in the underused backyard area of Archdale Apartments, a collaboration of Aeon and YouthLink.

On any given night in Minnesota, 2500 young people experience homelessness. Over the course of a year, 10,000 Minnesotan youth go to sleep without stable housing. YouthLink's Archdale Apartments houses 37 formally homeless youth, including several young parents.

When relationships are built, Kulture Klub Collaborative offers a creative oasis for youth that makes real change in their lives. For example, a dedicated participant Latimah has gone through incredible growth as a result of her participation with KKC in the past year. Through the STEP UP! Acheive MPLS program, she began working in the Art Garden. Kulture Klub was able to employ her for much of the summer. Latimah made paper out of plant material, learned to screenprint and make stencils, helped plan and implement the garden landscape design, created mosaics, tried relief printmaking, and joined the Kulture Klub Youth Advisory Council.

At the beginning of the summer, Latimah was out-of-home, staying on couches and in shelter. Through her internship, she was able to quickly process her housing application, and now has moved into stable housing at Archdale. She was able to have her 18th birthday party in the Art Garden, and show off the space that she worked so hard to cultivate. Kulture Klub asked Latimah to reflect on this experience:

"Today is my birthday and I feel good. This has been a great experience for me. I've never been around a lot of positive people like (KKC staff and artists) Jeff, Kelly, and Sue, and my peers around me. I always used to be a follower, living house to house, and following people. And I've learned that I have to be my own leader and do my own thing. And I need to be around positive people so I can get positive attention, and have positive things come into my life. It's just great. I turn 18 today. I'm 18. I don't feel 18."

Please consider making a donation today to create more opportunities like this for Latimah and all of her peers.

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