ARAHA provides emergency relief and long-term development to the Horn of Africa, giving families in the Horn a fighting chance at survival.

The Solar Stove is a solar cooker that will cook virtually any food using nothing but natural sunlight. This stove is the most cost effective portable solar cooker available and the design is already being used in South America, Africa, and all over the world. It cooks food with only the sun’s rays!

ARAHA has partnered with Shajee Solar International and has sent at least 200 of these to Sudanese women in need. We will conduct a survey and evaluation at the end of the project to determine if ARAHA will scale up the project to a larger population.

The world of relief and development is implementing newer strategies to heal the planet while saving the environment and creating more sustainable efforts. ARAHA is dedicated to finding more efficient ways to relieve those in the Horn of Africa.

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