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We hold the dream of non-violence for women and children until they can hold it for themselves

Nobody deserves to live in violence.

Nobody deserves to be hit, slapped or dominated by someone.

A family is about caring and respect for one another.

Autumn from the video above had been living in a situation that was abusive for sometime. She began to become more and more concerned about what her children had seen and what she was experiencing. She knew she needed to leave – that this wasn’t good for her and her children. She was afraid, she didn’t know if she could make it on her own. It was scary for her to stay and it was scary for her to leave.

After driving around awhile Autumn arrived at the shelter. Although the shelter was full we made room for her and her children. Today, Autumn and her children are thriving. She continues to mentor other women who are experiencing domestic abuse.

Each year, approximately 300-400 women and children reside at Anna Marie's emergency shelter. Anna Marie's Alliance provides services to at least 1,800 victims annually.

You can help women and children fleeing domestic abuse in Central Minnesota by donating to Anna Marie's Alliance.

To learn more about Anna Marie's Alliance, please visit

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