Anna's Hope brings hope and healing to those affected by domestic abuse through the non-profit Christian ministry, The Dwelling Place.

Anna's Hope Benefit Update

On Sunday, April 28th, Anna's Hope held a benefit for The Dwelling Place to honor Anna Hurd, raise funds for additional housing and services for women fleeing intimate partner abuse, and to raise domestic abuse awareness in the community.

Speakers spoke, Amethyst Factor played, hotdogs and cupcakes were eaten, a silent auction raised funds, cupcakes (made by Anna's mom) were raffled, a photo booth kept busy, balloons were collectively released, and the evening closed with a candlelight walk around North High School's track.

It was a great success!

  • KMSP, KSTP & KARE11 came and reported the event on the evening news broadcast. Awareness in the community was heightened!
  • Powerful speakers spoke: Fred Carlson, a friend of Anna's family, Sam Manley, a friend of Anna's, Samantha Phillippi, Miss Minneapolis, and Jody Cowdin, Executive Director for The Dwelling Place.
  • People came and went all evening, sharing stories and their desire to help, and left with meaningful memories and domestic abuse materials.
  • Dollars were raised, the goal being $5,000 by Anna's 17th birthday (April 30th). The total on April 30th was $5050!

Thank you for your support! Every gift given helped save a life!


Stabbed multiple times, Anna Hurd lost her life in a Minnesota park in the middle of a cold, winter's night. She was only 16. Her boyfriend has been charged with her murder.

That night I lost my gentle and good-hearted daughter, a generous soul who only desired to help anyone, anytime, anywhere. The joy and love she brought to everyone who met her was a true gift!

The loss is so great and deep and the pain and hurt won't ever heal. What can you do in a situation like this tragedy except try to help others and turn her name into something associated with beauty and hope instead of horror and tragedy.

So many are seriously affected by the loss of one life due to domestic violence. It's a never ending generational cycle that people turn a blind eye to but need to see what the ultimate result is--destroyed lives and sometimes, like our dear Anna, a life taken.

I hope Anna's Hope helps just one person or, praise God, save at least one person. It's so senseless and unbelievable. The past cannot be changed no matter how hard I pray but maybe someone's future can.

One in three women will be a victim of intimate partner abuse, a pattern of physical and sexual violence, threats and pervasive emotional abuse. Perpetrators beat, rape, shoot, stab, demean, humiliate and violate to instill fear and confusion and gain power and control over their victims.

Many women who want to leave abusive relationships are forced to stay or become homeless because they have nowhere else to live. This is a serious issue, but there is hope. You can help.

The Dwelling Place provides safe transitional housing, Christ-centered programs, and training in life-skills to help bring healing and break the generational cycle of domestic violence. Over its 15 year history, hundreds of women and children have been helped on their journey to healing and freedom from abuse.

The Dwelling Place also provides educational opportunities in the community to raise awareness of domestic abuse and teen dating violence. Partnerships with community groups and area churches increase the impact of this organization in the Twin Cities metro area.

The Dwelling Place was founded in 1998 and is supported primarily by individuals, churches, and private grants. Please help us continue the success of this program for the sake of the women and children who are desperate for peace.

Help save another family this horror, help Anna's Hope save a life.

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