The financial hardship facing our school has forced cuts to elective courses. To keep options for our students we need your help!

Support electives like Personal Financial Management and more...WE NEED to continue to offer opportunities and create more of these success stories... PERSONAL STATEMENT by Abdikrim Haji Ali (Class of 2009) This is a quote that I found interesting from my accounting class “There’s no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting”. The accounting class I took in tenth grade helped me to find a career that I liked. Since the beginning of the first day, I knew that accounting would be in my future. If it were not for my accounting instructor’s way of teaching, I don’t think that I would be as interested in accounting as I am now.

My experiences in academics have shown me that there are thousands of things that I can pursue as a career. Business was something I was interested in and when I found out there was a class at my school that offered accounting, which I had never heard of, I took the class. When I took the class I found out that accounting offered a lot of different career paths. I found out that I could work with a hospital if I wanted to or a public business if I liked. In essence, I came to like what accounting could do for me in the near future.

In conclusion, because of my accounting teacher’s benevolent way of teaching, I have a goal to achieve. I will always hold reverence for my teacher and what she has taught me. I will work hard to never give up on my goal and make accounting my profession some day.

Greetings Mrs. Ross, This is your lovely former student Adora. I really hope you remember me. I transferred into SLP as a senior in 2006 from Atlanta and I took your fashion marketing class as well as another course, but I forgot the name of that one. After graduation I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design for Fashion Design, and shortly afterward I got a little board so I decided to move back to MPLS and attend Aveda. I received my license and moved to NYC in October of 07'. I was accepted into a makeup academy in NYC and I've been working on high fashion editorials since! I have worked with top models and celebrities and this week I was cordially invited to attend all the shows at the Mercedes Benz fashion week. I had press and media groups from all over the world interviewing me and I even got into some after parties. Yesterday, some PR for NY Giants invited me to their private celebration and P. Diddy sent me an invite for his show at Bryant Park.... This is truly the best time of my life....and I had to stop for a minute and thank you.

You introduced to the business of fashion, the WWD, and taught us the history of fashion's most influential designers. I never blinked in your class, I truly tried my best to soak up everything like a sponge. My knowledge of fashion is what continues to get me bookings...from Yves Saint Laurent to Miss Sixty. I aid in the wig styling for visuals at Miss Sixty, Dolce and Gabanna, and American Apparel.

Life is sweet.

I will start up school again this summer...I have lived some dreams, and now its time to get back t work. I'll be majoring in Pre- Med Biology to prepare me to be a Dermatologist. Take care and thank you again.

Jeremiah Cherwien (Class of 2001) Entering high school, I was certain of what I wanted to do for a living: PC support. When I was registering for my junior year at Park my advisor pointed out the Cisco networking classes that were then being offered. I instantly registered for them and haven’t looked back since.

The second part of my senior year brought the internship that was a requirement to receive the CCNA certification along with the classwork for it. The amazing Business department found the perfect internship for me, doing PC support at a local bank.If it weren’t for the financial knowledge I gained doing my internship at Century Bank, I wouldn’t be doing the work I am today. Without the training I received at Park, I wouldn’t have gotten the internship.

Very interesting how so many major things in one’s life can be traced back to a single decision made, in this case taking the classes from the Business department at SLP.

Parent quote (2007): As a parent of a 10th grader participating in the A+ Certification program this year, I was thrilled to receive my copy of Connections, school is not one of his favorite things and to find classes like A+ Certification that are of interest to him is very valuable. I have encouraged him to sign up for the Careers 101 course I read about in the newsletter as well.

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