As marriage is a marathon, so is the movement to make it legal for same sex couples in MN. Let's run together.

I am training for a marathon (my first) in support of making civil marriage legal for same sex couples in MN. One of the reasons I am compelled to do it is because being in a long term romantic relationship with someone and raising kids with them is frickin' hard, and I am often thankful that Matt and I are legally bound to each other. Having our union recognized and legalized in the eyes of the state makes staying together a known rather than a variable. I think that is an option all families should have.

Our team "All Families Finish First" homepage says this:

We are inspired to run the Twin Cities Marathon in an effort to share and build support for the legalization of civil same-sex marriage in the state of MN.
After the MN constitutional marriage amendment is defeated in November, 2012, the real work will begin. Having made it clear that our state values a safety net for all families, it will be time to make marriage legal for all families. In the spirit of Elizabeth Cady Stanton's quote: As long as the right of civil same sex marriage is denied in a single State in this Union, it is made disreputable in all.
Project 515 is dedicated to achieving full equality for committed same-sex couples in Minnesota. Please consider a $10 donation to help us meet our fundraising goal of $5150. All donations will be directed to Project 515’s Education Campaign, whose mission is to ensure that same-sex couples and their families have equal rights and considerations under Minnesota law.
Thank you,

Aliina Adelman and Sara Bergen, co-marathoners

Thanks for supporting my training, and for welcoming all families into the warm, moist fold of marriage (should they choose to go there :))

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