Two Wheel View uses bikes to help at-risk youth. Join me in supporting them.

I could tell you about the great work that Two Wheel View does (and I probably will below) but you could skip all that and check them out in their own words right here:

Go there and you will find an organization full of passionate people that believe the greatest investment we can make in our youth is to show them our world as they have never seen it.

Personally, I had no idea this organization and this trip even existed until it was brought to my attention by a friend who works for them out in the southwest. Shortly after, a number of others from Michigan began signing up for the trip, and the fundraising that goes along with it. It seems appropriate to me that a bunch of folks from across the country are helping out an organization that is devoted to broadening the horizons of at-risk youth.

I'm personally excited for the trip - two weeks guided through the northern backcountry of Argentina carrying everything we need on the bikes that get us around. Can't think of a better spring break, personally, which is why I shelled out the cost of my trip as well as a not exactly cheap airline ticket to get down there. I'm also personally committed to raising $1500 for two Wheel View.

In the end, Two Wheel View is about expanding young people's horizons. For those of us fortunate enough to have been able to study abroad I think we all know that it is impossible for one to return from an immersive experience like that without being fundamentally changed for the better. I know it happened to me when I went to Italy for the first time. Two Wheel View offers a similar opportunity to kids that most likely won't be spending a fall semester in Prague or Florence or Tokyo. In that context, $1500 to support a kid is not just a bargain, its a pretty sound investment.

I have never solicited donations (tax deductible by the way) before and its an odd feeling. I'm compelled to say off the top that if I do raise the full amount I will top it off myself with another 10% ($150) to put a ribbon on it as they say. But I'd be equally excited if everyone of you that reads this checks out the organization, contributes the minimum and keeps tabs on not only my trip (I'll be posting photos once I return to the grid) but on Two Wheel View itself.

Thanks for your time and for considering giving. I'd be flattered enough if it got that far!

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