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2 below zero is dedicated to producing radio documentaries that start the conversation, raise compelling questions and perk up your ears.

North Dakota's oil boom. Sex over age 70. Compulsive shoppers. The raw deal many rural students get. The environmental impact of conventional death care practices. Sex offender policy.

2 below zero isn't afraid to take on challenging topics that you're unlikely to hear elsewhere. That's because we report stories that take you into the heart of issues, raise questions without providing easy answers, deliver a-ha and whoa moments, all while introducing you to the fascinating people that give each story life. Folks like Fadia, who used her sister's credit card to buy a $800 bracelet, still in its original packaging. Or Si and Alice, who acted likely newlyweds well into their 80s. Or Zach, who has a passion for math but whose school district is too poor to offer pre-Calc. Or Amy, who in an effort to live and die green is mulling over having her body composted with worms. Or Tyrel, who was convicted of a felony for having consensual sex with another teen—and must now bear the stigma of being a sex offender.

We go into the field to capture vivid, rich and compelling fare for the ear and brain that brings valuable context and new meaning to stories seldom told. And while we're grateful for the national acclaim our work has received, we're constantly pushing ourselves to ask questions that are difficult to answer—and whose answers can be uncomfortable to hear. To turn over rocks, probe tender spots and expose the private impact of public policy. To find delight and insight in surprising places. And to illuminate in some small way the unseen, unheard and rarely felt textures and rhythms of daily life.

2 below zero's co-producers are Todd Melby and Diane Richard. We're a couple who actually enjoys staying in shabby motels during reporting trips, sitting cheek-to-cheek at the computer screen and spending weekends hashing out script revisions. (We produced our first radio story on our honeymoon.) Together, we're following our passion. That's where 2 below zero, our board members and friends like you come in. We're thrilled you've found us. Now, please listen to our work—and, if you like it, make a contribution so we can keep making it.


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